Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Golden rules of future wins team !!

1. Never trade without SL in crude oil
2. Trade intraday (strictly to be followed by crude oil traders)


We firmly believe in pure "intra-day" trading...We do not believe in carrying overnight positions and ruining a good night"s sleep..so the calls They give are purely intraday calls.use only 25% of your capital to trade with these calls, and use them daily..maintain consistent quantity and strictly use the stop loss which we mention in our calls.don"t exist before hitting the stop loss..don"t exit before getting a minimum profit..

The less you trade, The more you earn
Never try to recover the loss in the same day, especially in nifty options.
Do not change the trade quantity frequently. Atleast, trade constant quantity for 1 month


Unbelievable Offer!!!!! 

"First time in INDIA" - All our paid calls free for LIFE LONG

A client who needs to trade in commodity has to pay for recommendations (5k to 10k depending on accuracy) & pay the brokerage on every buy and sell. Your charges exceeding your profits. To help these clients, we came up with a unique plan of charging your brokerage as our paid charges

We offer you a trading account at our franchisee/sub broker house and we provide you daily commodity  calls free for life time.
Just open a demat account and as long you do your normal trading, we keep giving you all our paid calls for free. Do not trade for us, trade for yourself and we try to fetch you by reducing your brokerage and guiding you with our recommendations.

Account opening free * No AMC life long

(Minimum amount required to trade/open trading account -Rs. 50,000)

What the client gets...? - Daily 1 Free commodity  call as long as you trade with us.

Note1: These calls will be given for FREE OF COST only for those who open their demat/trading account at their franchisee, aluva.

Note2: Capital required for effective trading is 1,00,000 rupee though small clients can start with Rs.50000, if they are willing to trade in there in home.

Note3: There is NO PMS (Portfolio Management Service) at they. Client has to trade on his/her own at his/her terminal. They do provide only calls/recommendations/guidance to their mobiles daily during market hours.

Our main aim is to give knowledge to public about the advantages of "safe trading" and how we can earn money through this method. In our firm we are giving training to our online clients and from those training they are getting maximum awareness about trading.after the training we are daily checking the trading accounts of the clients to know whether client is going in profit or loss. if client is making loss or doing over trading, then our experienced trainers will call the client and will help the client to become a safe trader with proper guidance and advice,which never happens in any trading company in India.we are also providing trading accounts to those clients who don"t have any trading accounts.even if client have an existing trading account and client is not happy with their service then also client can come and join with us.more than creating brokerage we are caring about making the client profitable because we know client will exist in trading only if he/she gets profit at the end of the month.those clients who have already accounts with other companies can use for our tips service by paying our tips charge and they can continue with their existing broker. for more information click here


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